ABAAT is currently working to build a digital street team to manage a community calendar.

Type of position: Volunteer

Hours: minimum of 5 hours per week

Duration: Ongoing

Details: team members will access a group email account to

  1. Send outreach emails to area organizations, neighborhood associations and other entities that host events in the City of Albany to encourage them to send ABAAT there upcoming events and volunteer opportunities on an ongoing basis.
  2. Process events received in the group email. Transfer details and flyers into a Google Calendar for BLK Bulletin Board. Once posted, team member will mark email as completed.
  3. Process emails with volunteer opportunities. Transfer details and flyers into a Google Calendar for Volunteer Albany
  4. Log/updated agency information in a google sheet.

And that’s it! If you are looking for a flexible volunteer opportunity, this is for YOU. You can send and process emails any time of the day. You can spend as many extra hours as you would like, as long as you spend at least 5 hours a week. Your outreach work will help ABAAT compile a directory of service providers, community organizations, committees, groups and religious institution programs.

Email us a half page telling us why this volunteer position is perfect for you