Proposed Events:

  1. A Neighborhood wide yard sale day/ Neighborhood Day. This would give residents an opportunity to sell items during an event large enough to draw traffic from people interested in buy their items. At the end of the day, the Salvation Army (and possibly the City Mission) will come to pick up any items residents do not want to put back into their homes. A clean up day prior to the event to insure the community is free of any litter or debris.
    1. Event Details:
      • Date: TBD (Late August)
      • Time: TBD (all day event)
      • Place: Mansion Neighborhood
      • Re-occurrence: Yearly
      • Reason: Community wide events bring neighbors together, allowing everyone to meet and get to know their neighbors.
        • Possible additions to the event:
          • Closure of one block in the neighborhood to allow for games for the children and food vendors
          • Attendance by city services to do car seat checks, personal and fire safety demonstrations, etc.
        • Possible Notices of Event:
          • News station community boards
          • College boards (college students will be coming back and need items for their apartments)
          • Yard Sale signs
  2. Community Clean Up Days –Re-occurring weekend dates where the community comes together to clean up trash and debris. Six (6) clean-up dates per year occurring every other month.
    1. Event Details:
      • Date: 1 Saturday or Sunday every other month
      • Time: All day event
      • Place: Mansion Neighborhood
      • Re-occurrence: Every other month
      • Reason: Taking pride in your neighborhood creates a better neighborhood.
      • Possible additions to the event:
        • A flower planting date on one of the clean up dates in the spring.
          • Possible donations of flowers from Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowes. Donations of flowers by neighborhood residents.