Device name(s): Half Street Closures

Approximate Cost:$10,000 – $25,000

Definition: Half street closures restrict motorists from entering  or exiting a street in  one direction with curb extensions, bollards, or other treatments.   The purpose of a half street closure is to prevent cut-through traffic or undesired turning movements. Half street closures or barriers that block travel in one direction for short distance on otherwise two-way streets. Half Street closures are often called partial closures or one-way closures.

Fast Facts:

  • Can be used on Local Street- yes
  • Can be used on Collector-  possible
  • Can be used on Arterial- no
  • Reduces Speed- no
  • Reduces Volume- yes
  • Noise Impact-  no
  • Restricts Access- yes
  • Bicyclist Impact- no
  • Transit Impact- yes
  • Parking Impact- no
  • Emergency Response Impact- no


  • reduces cut through traffic in one direction
  • allows two-way traffic along the remainder of the street
  • bicycle and pedestrian routes can be maintained
  • effective in reducing traffic volume
  • may reduce speeds
  • can have positive aesthetic value
  • increases pedestrian safety


  • divert traffic to adjacent streets
  • increases trip lengths
  • impacts access
  • cause circuitous routes for local residents
  • may limit access to businesses
  • depending on the design, drivers may be able to circumvent the barrier
  • may increase emergency response times
  • may increase traffic volume on adjacent streets


  • Half street closures are good for locations with extreme traffic volume problems and non-restrictive measures have been unsuccessful
  • neighborhoods with non-local traffic volume problems

Half Street Closure