Device name(s): Gateway Treatments/Textured Pavement

Gateway Treatments

Approximate Cost: $5 – $16 per sq. ft.

Speed Reduction: Limited data

Definition: Gateway treatment are usually located at the entrances of a neighborhood and are intended to discourage excessive traffic and reduce speed. They also provide a sense of neighborhood cohesion and pride. A gateway treatment may include changes to street appearance (Street West, and paving material(s) and landscaping (signage, planting) to signal the demarcation between a major street and an adjacent residential area, or between areas of residential and commercial usage. Colored and textured pavement treatments are used to high individual and textiles sent of prominent vestry and zones. They are used in combination with raise crosswalks and intersection, and are sometimes used along entire block.

Fast Facts:

  • Can be used on Local Street- yes
  • Can be used on Collector-
  • Can be used on Arterial- no
  • Reduces Speed- possible
  • Reduces Volume- possible
  • Noise Impact- yes
  • Restricts Access-
  • Bicyclist Impact-
  • Transit Impact-
  • Parking Impact-
  • Emergency Response Impact-


  • positive indication of a change in environment to residential street
  • may reduce entry speed
  • opportunity for landscaping and signage
  • reduces pedestrian crossing distance
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • may reduce excessive traffic


  • limited nature of physical impediment may not be effective for excessive traffic
  • reduction of speed of traffic turning into residential street could hinder arterial road below and decrease safety for turning vehicles
  • maintenance responsibility


  • 85th percentile speed is 5 mph above the speed limit, or greater
  • 60% of household affected area must support