This page contains information about traffic calming devices. The devices are listed in alphabetical order. To learn more about a device please click on the devices name. To view Traffic plans from cities around the country click HERE.

  1. Arterial Directional Signs
  2. Center Island Narrowing/Pedestrian Refuges/Slow Points
  3. Chicanes/Deviations
  4. Chokers/Nubs
  5. Curb Extensions/Bulb Outs/Neck Downs
  6. Diagonal Diverters/Diverters/Diagonal Street Closures
  7. Diagonal Parking
  8. Forced Turn Barriers/Forced Turn Islands/Right turn Islands
  9. Full Street Closures
  10. Gateway Treatments/Textured Pavement
  11. Half Street Closures
  12. Intersection Geometry Changes
  13. Lane Narrowing/Street Narrowing
  14. Lateral Shift
  15. Median Barricade/Medians
  16. One Way Streets
  17. Painted Intersections
  18. Pedestrian Crossing Signs with Fine
  19. Pop Up Crosswalk
  20. Radar Speed Monitoring Trailers
  21. Radar Speed Signs/Speed Displays
  22. Raised Crosswalks/Speed Tables
  23. Raised Intersections
  24. Road Re-channelization “Road Diet”
  25. Roundabouts
  26. Rumble Strips
  27. Speed Cushions/Speed Lumps/Flat-Top Speed Cushions
  28. Speed Humps
  29. Speed Sign with Fine
  30. Striping & Markings
  31. Traffic Circles/Intersection Islands
  32. Turn Restrictions
  33. Woonerf