Device name(s): Lane Narrowing/Street Narrowing

Lane Narrowing or Street Narrowing

Approximate Cost:

Definition:  Narrower cross-sections on neighborhood streets may help to prevent speeding problems from arising and reduce speeding where it already this inside residential neighborhoods. Narrow street cross-sections grave visible narrowing that typically results in speed reduction. The narrower street pavements will provide increased green space for landscaping that may also slow traffic and will improve neighborhood appearance and space for sidewalk that will increase pedestrian safety.

Fast Facts:

  • Can be used on Local Street- yes
  • Can be used on Collector-
  • Can be used on Arterial-
  • Reduces Speed-  yes
  • Reduces Volume-
  • Noise Impact-
  • Restricts Access-
  • Bicyclist Impact- possible
  • Transit Impact-
  • Parking Impact- possible
  • Emergency Response Impact- possible


  • increases green space
  • reduces speed of vehicles
  • increases pedestrian safety by reducing distance to cross street
  • usually provides wider utility strap
  • slower traffic without significant impact on first responders
  • most effective on streets where excessive speed is primarily due to street width


  • can be expensive
  • reduces the space or bicycles to be passed by motor vehicles
  • may affect on street parking
  • eliminates bicycle lane
  • may increase accidents, as opposing traffic is brought closer


  • 85th percentile speed is 5 mph above the speed limit or greater
  • 60% of households affected area must support