Device name(s): Median Barricade/Medians

Median Barricade

Approximate Cost: $250 per square foot ($5000 – $15,000)

Speed Reduction: 2 – 3 mph

Definition: A median barricade is a raised island placed in the center of a roadway to restrict left-turn or through traffic access from a side street. Median barricades typically replace a two-way left turn lane or are placed in the middle of a wide roadway. Emergency access and access to intermittent side streets may be maintained by providing   breaks   in  the   median.  The purpose of a median barricade is to reduce traffic volumes across a major street or reduce conflicts at an intersection. Median barriers can block left turn motorist, which can be beneficial to pedestrians

Fast Facts:

  • Can be used on Local Street- yes
  • Can be used on Collector- yes
  • Can be used on Arterial- yes
  • Reduces Speed- no
  • Reduces Volume- yes
  • Noise Impact- no
  • Restricts Access- yes
  • Bicyclist Impact- possible
  • Transit Impact- yes
  • Parking Impact- no
  • Emergency Response Impact- possible


  • reduces traffic volume along the roadway
  • reduces conflicts at intersection
  • can eliminate cut through traffic
  • changes driving patterns
  • increases pedestrian safety for crossing streets
  • people with mobility impairments benefit from divided and decreased crossing distances due to the presence of the pedestrian refuge in the center of the street
  • can a positive aesthetic value


  • impact access
  • increase the trips lengths
  • only applicable on wide roads
  • increases response time for emergency vehicles
  • transfers traffic to other local streets
  • creates circuitous roots for local residents emergency vehicle services


  • neighborhoods with non-local traffic volume problems

Median Barricade