Device name(s): Forced Turn Barriers/Forced Turn Islands/Right turn Islands

Forced Turn Barriers or Forced Turn Islands or Right turn Islands

Approximate Cost: $1000 – $15,000

Definition: Forced turn islands are striped or raised medians that channelize traffic at an intersection.  Their purpose is to prevent cut­ through  traffic  or undesired  turning movements from entering or exiting a street.

Fast Facts:

  • Can be used on Local Street- yes
  • Can be used on Collector- yes
  • Can be used on Arterial- no
  • Reduces Speed- no
  • Reduces Volume- yes
  • Noise Impact- no
  • Restricts Access- yes
  • Bicyclist Impact- possible
  • Transit Impact- yes
  • Parking Impact- possible
  • Emergency Response Impact- no


  • reduces cut-through traffic
  • changes driving patterns
  • may reduce both speeds and volumes
  • can have positive aesthetic value
  • increases pedestrian safety


  • may diverge traffic to adjacent streets
  • increases response time for emergency vehicles
  • may increase trip length for rather
  • can create circuitous roots for local residents and emergency service vehicles


  • neighborhoods with non-local traffic volume problems

Forced Turn Barrier