Amplified Voices is a community collaborative public mural project spearheaded by artist Jade Warrick to amplify the voices of local artists of color and provide youth mentoring opportunities.

Amplified Voices Mission: To give the youth of color who are striving artists (or have creative interest) the opportunity to be able to express themselves in a world that tends to cut out their voices due to their age. We will strive to provide a safe space for young artists to be able to socialize with like-minded creatives, work on and grow their artistic abilities, and reflect on how they can use art as a healing/meditative device. Our mission comes down to giving local youth a platform to amplify their voices during a pandemic AND a civil rights movement in creative ways. And our goal is to make sure youth of color know their existence is validated and their communities and lives matter.

Community CollaborativeArtist Mentors: Jade Warrick @TrashKid_Art (IG) | Eugene O’Neill @madeintruthclothing (IG) | Chloe Harrison @september_colors (IG) | D Colin @poetdcolin (IG) | Vanessa Gray @_creativeness__ (IG) | Sion Hardy @raggedyyy (IG)

Community Organizations: A Block at a Time, Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn, Central Avenue Business Improvement District , Downtown Albany, New York BID, Young Futures Inc. and Youth FX.