Additional Info: Dannielle Hille • dannielle@abaat.org

A Block at a Time in conjunction with Grand Street Community Arts, the Mansion Neighborhood Association, Bishop Maginn and AVillage…, Inc. are working to collect donations for the families effected by the Friday morning fire on Myrtle Avenue.
A list of needed item is available on the A Block at a Time Facebook Page (facebook.com/abaat518) and on our website www.abaat.org. Contact Dannielle Hille at lowermyrtle@gmail.com for more information and to volunteer. Donations can be dropped off on Saturday 8/24/19 and Sunday 8/25/19 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the Grand Street Community Arts Center on the corner of Grand Street and Madison Avenue. This includes cloths, baby items, hygiene products and school supplies.
Donations will also be accepted Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM at Bishop Maginn at the corner of Eagle Street and Myrtle Avenue.
Monetary donations can be made online at the AVillage website, www.avillageworks.org. via PayPal. Please also email our office manager at rdefelice@avillage.org to note the money is for the fire victims. Checks made out to AVillage…, Inc. with Myrtle Avenue Fire Victims in the comment line can be sent to: AVillage…, Inc, PO Box 10152. Albany NY 12201. Starting Monday, cash and check dontions can be dropped off at AVillage…, Inc. offices at 3 Lincoln Square.