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2020 Survival Guide to Voting in NYS

3 Ways to Navigate Voting during a Pandemic

Monday, September 28, 2020

6:00 PM Absentee Voting – Vote from the Safety of Your Home

7:00 PM Early Voting – Practice Social Distancing

8:00 PM Election Day Voting – Navigate COVID Precautions


Maneuvering through a grocery store is tricky enough during a pandemic and the biggest decision is what’s for dinner. 2020 is a crazy year, there’s a Presidential election, and navigating the process can feel like a challenge. Join A Block at a Time for the 3 ways to survive voting during a pandemic. Live streamed on the A Block at a Time Facebook page and at


  • Dannielle Hille, Founder and CEO of A Block at a Time
  • Nic Rangel, Esq., Assistant Deputy Counsel, NYS Senate Majority & Co-Founder of The Center for Community Insight Inc.
  • Jennifer Wilson, Deputy Director, League of Women Voters of NYS

To learn more or watch through the website click HERE

ABAAT Ends COVID-19 Service

Over the last 5 months, volunteers have completed several hundred shops for nearly 100 seniors and disabled residents. Although the service will come to an end on August 14th, many volunteers have chosen to continue to assist the person/people they have been matched with. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the wonderful volunteers who risked their own safety and volunteered to help others who were in need, You guys are HEROS.

Amplified Voices Project Launches

Amplified Voices is a community collaborative public mural project spearheaded by artist Jade Warrick to amplify the voices of local artists of color and provide youth mentoring opportunities.

Amplified Voices Mission: To give the youth of color who are striving artists (or have creative interest) the opportunity to be able to express themselves in a world that tends to cut out their voices due to their age. We will strive to provide a safe space for young artists to be able to socialize with like-minded creatives, work on and grow their artistic abilities, and reflect on how they can use art as a healing/meditative device. Our mission comes down to giving local youth a platform to amplify their voices during a pandemic AND a civil rights movement in creative ways. And our goal is to make sure youth of color know their existence is validated and their communities and lives matter.

Community CollaborativeArtist Mentors: Jade Warrick @TrashKid_Art (IG) | Eugene O’Neill @madeintruthclothing (IG) | Chloe Harrison @september_colors (IG) | D Colin @poetdcolin (IG) | Vanessa Gray @_creativeness__ (IG) | Sion Hardy @raggedyyy (IG)

Community Organizations: A Block at a Time, Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn, Central Avenue Business Improvement District , Downtown Albany, New York BID, Young Futures Inc. and Youth FX.

Community Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 join ABAAT for a discussion on Policing and Criminal Justice Post COVID-19. Speakers will provide an update and then take questions. To submit questions prior to the event, please email them to

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